Egyptian foreign minister to continue peace push, but says he has not heard back

Jihadist leaders say Egyptian air strikes against militants in Libya helped turn the tide against Islamic State’s last remaining stronghold in Libya

President Barack Obama says he has “no idea” when he’ll meet with his foreign policy adviser to discuss Syria, and warns he may be “sad” about it

A Syrian rebel group said it killed 17 Syrian soldiers during a raid on the al-Khafir Camp, in Hama province, where it said rebel fighters were waiting to ambush Syrian government forces

Islamic State’s media arm released a statement in which it threatened “more terror” on Syrian and Iraqi targets as the group lost territory around Syria

A U.S. official told CNN the Syrian Army and Hezbollah fighters are not coordinating their operations with each other, nor have they shared intelligence

Maj. Gen. Mohamad al-Jabouri, a Syrian official, also confirme더킹카지노d the death of a militant in Iraq

A man runs through debris during an assault at the Shuaib al-Gharafa refugee camp in Aleppo on August 10.

The Turkish government said it has opened a hotline and agreed to take in hundreds of thousands of Syrians fleeing the fighting in neighbouring Syria

“The operation to liberate Raqqa will be swift and decisive in light of the fact that o바카라ur forces are leading the effort, and our intelligence is the core of our operations. It would be wrong for the U.S. State Department to view any operations as not being taken in full cooperation with our allies,” U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter said in London on Thursday

Haidar, the Egyptian minister, told state TV that his government supported U.S.-Russian efforts to reach an agreement on the future of Syria.

A military spokesman for Egypt’s Supreme Council of the Armed Forces said the Cairo army was also conducting operations to liberate Raqqa and that its troops were not involved in the Syrian operation and were working with their Lebanese and Jordanian counterparts to secure the area

Al-Sisi calls on Jordan to help Syria after Syrian border town taken by army

Egypt has asked its military coalition to launch operations against Islamic State in Libya, Egyptian Foreign Mi바카라nister Sameh Shoukry has told the nation.

Shoukry’s remarks, made on state television, came after a U.S.-led coalition took control of a Syrian border town on Monday in the latest sign of its effort to stabilize the situation in the country.


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