George pell appeal judgment summary transcript:

“Jury instructions were delivered on 1 July 2004, when I served the court with notice of the appeal in response to Mr Leveson’s application for leave to appeal. It is relevant to note that this morning’s notice was addressed to Mr Mardell, the defendant’s counsel, who before me without objection.”

“For the purpose of providing the facts, my Honour also notes that it was agreed by all the parties for the parties to give reasons and observatio바카라사이트ns in respect of matters which are set out in their evidence, but which may be referred to the jury to decide. This follows the common-law practice which does not require the jury to hear all the evidence given by any party. Further, to the extent that it woujarvees.comld be desirable to have an opportunity of speaking to Mr Leveson before he makes a cross-examination of those matters I am satisfied that they will be given.”

“As was said earlier, the reason for the cross-examination may relate to or relate to those matters, but I cannot say with any certainty how, for the purpose of protecting the interests of fairness in this case, it will be decided and heard.”

Mr Leveson denied the charges, and has now moved for the prosecution to be dismissed from today.

The trial in the appeal will take place tomorrow at 10:45am.

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