Deb frecklington on sugar industry act amendments

NDP MLA Deb Frecklington has int더킹카지노roduced a motion to amend the sugar industry act.

“While it’s great to work toward a healthier Canada, I can only imagine the frustration and hurt that people in Quebec are experiencing from the sugar sector’s efforts to prevent Canadians from consuming the sugar they need to meet healthy, balanced, and environmentally sustainable needs,” Frecklington wrote to the minister of health.

Frecklington’s motion would clarify that Canada has the right to restrict the availability of sugar to encourage the use of healthier alternatives such as healthy grains, fruits and vegetables, and more direct marketing practices to sell these.

Frecklington has asked cabinet to approve her motion by March 21, 2017.

Canada’s Sugar Act was passed by Bill C-51 in 2015.

It includes two sectionatyasastra.comns relating to the ma바카라rketing and sale of sugar:

Section 32 – Exemption of specific products from certain requirements of the sugar act

Section 33 – Exemption of certain types of products from certain requirements of the sugar act (including sugar that is intended for human consumption)

Frecklington says sugar is a key contributor to Canada’s weight gain epidemic, particularly among seniors.

On Wednesday, Frecklington said that the sugar industry is using a new and effective marketing strategy to discourage sugar-consumption in Canada.

“We know that people want to buy healthy, fresh produce that is safe and nutritionally balanced. We know that people have a desire for healthy food,” she said.

Frecklington says sugar consumption is so high, that the U.S. government recently began restricting the sale of certain sugar products to young adults ages 20-34.

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