Police unleash truth about dog rumours after killing one

Karen and John Thompson, who own a small business in Richmond and live near Lakeview, say they’ve tried every approach to get the family dog back, but so far, nothing worked.

A few months ago, John put his dog, Lucky, in a small, enclosed yard outside his house.

John says he was told Lucky would love to play with his son, Dylan, 12, and he had no intention of letting him come anywhere close to the yard.

The week before his death, John had told his son the family home at 3갤럭시 카지노00 Eglinton Ave. S.E. had been burglarized.

John tells CBC Toronto that the house’s front and back windows were smashed. He was told the burglar was a person in his 50s or 60s and there was a hole in the garage door.

John says he put a note in his mailbox just before his son died — it told him the house was burgled. He went outside to see what was happening and heard about 3 a.m., he says.

When he returned, he found Lucky in his crate outside the home.

Kare생방송 카지노n Thompson

“He didn’t look like a guy who didn’t want to be here,” says Karen Thompson. “He had blood and scratches all over his body.”

Her son’s corpse was found at the front yard.

Karen says it could have been an accident that led to Lucky being placed outside the house, but she’s convinced otherwise.

“He had no historyjw 카지노 to speak of, no history of trouble,” she says.

John, a full-time construction worker, took his family dog, Lucky, to the vet after he noticed that Lucky wasn’t well.

John says he would only let his dog out with him when he was driving, but he does have a pet permit, which he says the police were unable to help with.

Karen says that while she and John have tried everything to get the family dog back, they’ve been ignored.

“If you ask me to go and see the police station, I don’t have any hope of getting the dog back for my son’s murder. I don’t understand why this has got to be this way, why someone would do something like that,” she says.

Karen and John Thompson, who own a small business in Richmond and live near Lakeview, say they’ve trie

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